The To Do List is excellent and you should watch it now!


There are some films that completely fly under the radar and The To Do List is one of them.  With a limited cinema release in the UK, it was literally in cinemas for a week with very little press or publicity.  In essence this movie, set in the 90’s, harks back to the “classic” teen movies of American Pie et al, though instead of centred around a guy’s obsession to get laid the focus is on plucky mathlete and valedictorian Brandy Klark (played excellently by Parks and Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza) in her crusade to get sexually experienced in her last summer before going to college.  This involves putting together a list of ‘various activities’ and then being pretty meticulous with ensuring that everything gets ticked off!


The cast features ‘everyone from off the telly’, Alia Shawkat plays one of her best friends, Rachel Bilson is awesome as her older sister, Bill Hader her boss, Johnny Simmons, Donald Glover and Chris Mintz Platz play some of Brandy’s conquests, Andy Samberg is hilarious as a hair dying rockstar and Connie Britton excellently plays her lube obsessed mum.  Hader is actually married to writer/director Maggie Carey but hey if your husband is Bill Hader, you can cast him in your movie!

Also props to Hart of Dixie‘s Scott Porter (left – George Tucker!) who plays acoustic guitar playing himbo Rusty Waters, who i think must be stepping up to compete with HoD co-star Wilson Bethel for “torso of the year award” or something as he is literally shirtless the entirety of the movie!

It’s not the movie of the year, but if you’re looking for a smart girl centric teen comedy with lots of 90’s-ness and Gin Blossoms then this is the movie for you.  Check out the trailer below…

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