Top ten albums of 2012

Yeah, so I did my movies now on to music, this is mainly due to me feeling my favourite records haven’t been represented this year in a lot of the end of year lists. I also did a Best of 2012 Spotify playlist with some of my other favourites of the year.
Apologies for the poor writing, I’m a little sleepy and hungover! Happy New Year to y’all!xx

1. Father John Misty – Fear Fun / I know, I’m eating my words about this one as I was less than receptive to “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” when I first heard it, but this record is just lush, why was this man hidden behind a drum kit for all these years? (he was the drummer in Fleet Foxes before making this record), makes me miss Los Angeles too, love this live video below, great dancing!

2. La Sera – Sees the Light / Katy Goodman (aka the girl from Vivian Girls with the lovely hair) doing a break up album in a Go-Go’s esque sunny pop style. I love the Vivian Girls, but really Katy should just do this instead.

3. Chairlift – Something / The band made famous for their awesome song “Bruises” being used on this advert come back with a second album that eclipses their debut, awesome 80’s production with nice drums, sounding synths, beautiful female vocals, a real gem.

4. Kishi Bashi – 151a / Lush orchestral pop from of Montreal violinist Kaoru Ishibashi, just lovely.

5. David Byrne & St. Vincent – Love This Giant / Bit of a no brainer really, it’s so great when collaboration records don’t suck.

6. Pegasvs – Pegasvs  awesome Spanish band!

7.  Still Flyin’ – On A Bedroom Wall / TSWCYL’s favourites, the long awaited second album, less of the regae-esque pop and more synths, this record was criminally unrecognised this year.

8.  Diiv – Oshin

9. Benjamin Gibbard – Former Lives / I’m a sad Death Cab fan so of course I was going to love this! Nice duet with Aimee Mann too, and this video is kinda funny in a bit of a goofy way.

10. Chain and the Gang – In Cool Blood / Chain and the Gang should rule the world!

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