2012 Movies…

So yeah, everyone else is doing it and I keep seeing lists of Best Movies of 2012 and thinking, urgh “Life of Pi” looks dreadful, why would I want to see this movie?  So yeah, these are my favourite movies of 2012, I don’t expect you to like em all but hey, you could give em a shot, they even include two foreign language movies, check me and my world cinema out! In no particular order (tho The Muppets is deffo number 1)…

The Muppets
No brainer really.  I watched this film at the cinema in some hormonal, hungover, verge of tears wreck. I love The Muppets. I love Jason Segel. I love Flight of the Conchords. I even kinda love Amy Adams (Enchanted!), and they sang one of my favourite songs…

It’s just a shame Jason Segel had to follow the movie with the truely appalling “Five Year Engagement”. I guess with that movie it was nice to see Alison Brie and Chris Platt on the big screen, but it was just so bad. If the film had included puppets, it would have been better.

21 Jump Street
I admit I thought this looked dreadful in the trailers, but hey it’s actually pretty good, great cameo from Mr Johnny Depp too. Jonah Hill may now be Oscar worthy material, but he’s still able to write a good movie, go him! 21 Jump Street reminds me of a lovely night I spent in Victoria Canada with my friends Brad and Annika watching lots of the original TV series, shout out to those dudes!

The Imposter
I still think the mother killed the kid…

The Cabin in the Woods
Yeah, I thought The Avengers was ok, but this was way better.  Go Joss Whedon! Loved the bit with the unicorn at the end, and that Fred from Angel was in it. The film that polarised audiences, all I heard before I went to see it was bad things for some reason, which I don’t really get (go to the cinema with low expectations and you will be rewarded).

The only way this could have been better would have been in Neil Patrick Harris had sang a song with some muppets in it.

Casa De Mi Padre
I’m probably going to like any movie with hotties Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal in it, add Will Ferrell speaking (and singing) in spanish and psychedelic stupidness, yeah Alice is happy.

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie
It’s not big, it’s not clever but it’s funny in a weird uncomfortable way. Great Spielberg cameo.  I went to see it with live commentary earlier this year, they seem like pretty normal people in real life. Peter Serafinawicz was there wearing some really odd hipster clothes.

Celeste and Jesse Forever
GOOD WORK RASHIDA JONES YOU ARE AWESOME! Such a sweet movie, with great performances by Rashida and Adam Samberg. Also great soundtrack put together by Sunny Levine who is part of the Quincy Jones family like Rashida. Sunny also produced “Before After” by Ariel Pink (yess, he’s the reason why that record is so much better than every other Ariel Pink record) and plays in Alekesam who put out the best album that you can get for free on bandcamp this year.

Take This Waltz
Another movie about sad white people (one of my favourite genres), nice to see Seth Rogen doing another slightly more serious role and Michelle Williams wore some lovely clothes.

The Hobbit
Doh, I love hobbits, elves and wizard shit.

Don’t watch this with a real grown up, it is absolutely hilarious in an insanely inappropriate way, with the most uncomfortably funny ending.  Also as it’s in Danish, you’re reading the filthy subtitles which will make you blush. They are apparently remaking this in the USA with Danny McBride writing and starring in it and Todd Phillips (who directed The Hangover) directing it, so I guess you can kinda imagine what it’s going to be like. I recon that will be pretty good but still check this out first so you can show off to your friends when the remake comes out and is massive. There’s a Von Trier connection too, he wrote one of the episodes of the TV series that came before the movie.  See, I’m recommending you classy world cinema!

Despite having Emily Blunt in it (I don’t like her, and yeah I don’t rate The Devil Wears Prada, deal with it) and Joe Gordon Levitt pulling really odd “Bruce Willis” faces, I liked this movie.  Kinda preferred the first half of the movie where it was all futuristic nonsense, second half less good, probably cause there was more Emily Blunt, tho the kid was pretty bad ass. What you didn’t see it?

Safety Not Guaranteed
Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson and Aubrey Plaza, the three of them are so awesome in different ways. Jake playing up that slightly on edge desperate thing he does in New Girl so well and Aubrey playing a character very similar in some ways to April. Mark Duplass is nothing like his character in The League, and plays this kinda weird guy who has built a time machine.  Kinda a cute, mystery, sci-fi, love story, that makes it sound bad, it’s not, it’s bad ass, well as bad ass as a movie about feelings and time travel can be.

And also Jeff Who Lives at Home and Wanderlust which I wrote about here and here.

Movies I’m looking forward to see…
This is 40 – the sequel-ish to Knocked Up, Apatow-tastic! (oh yeah pick up the latest Vanity Fair, Judd Apatow is the guest editor so it’s all comedy stuff and there are some awesome pictures of the Freaks and Geeks cast in it)
Save The Date – Lizzie Caplan, Martin Starr, Geoffrey (Mr Christina Hendricks!) Arend and Alison Brie do another movie about sad white people. Come on release it in the UK or just let us legally download it, come on!
This is The End – It feels like we’ve been waiting for this movie for forever, it better be good, it could be bad cause Emma Watson is in it!
OZ, The Great and Powerful – I like stuff with wizards in and James Franco.

I’ll try and do my TV round up in the next week or so too, there has been some mega telly this year!

Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

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