Just go ahead now

Saturday afternoon at the movies, I can’t imagine a better way to spend a saturday than with Jason Segel, girl talk, and wasabi nuts, I’m a girl of simple pleasures, what can I say?

Jeff who Lives at Home is the fourth movie written and directed by brothers Mark (familiar looking dude and also in The League) and Jay Duplass, their most notable movie being Cyrus which I mentioned briefly a while back cause my dear friends Still Flyin’ were played in one of the scenes.

The film focusses upon Jeff (that’s Jason Segel) and his obsession with the movie “Signs” and his conviction that everything happens for a reason, which leads himself on an adventure day following Kevins and helping his brother Pat (Ed Helms, yep the dude from The Hangover) out, saving marriages and lives.
It’s a sweet film about brotherly relationships and how siblings interact and relate with each other when they are both very different types of people, I think it’s super cute that the movie was written and directed by two brothers.  It actually made me think a lot about my relationship with my brother, though I’d like to hope I’m not as square as Pat!  The film also touches on what happens in the aftermath of a parent dying, how it affects the family, you see how their mother (played by the AWESOME Susan Sarandon) is still struggling to move on properly and how that has affected how she treats Jeff.
Musically, this is the second movie I’ve seen this year with The Spin Doctors in it, the first being Wanderlust.  What is that about?  I’d not felt the need to think about The Spin Doctors for 18 years, and I thought I was doing pretty good.  According to the internet (I google The Spin Doctors so you don’t have to) the band reformed last year as it was the 20th anniversary of The Album featuring The Song. The singer has also been recording with a band called The Time Bandits.  I kinda hope that they would be ok seeing as they named themselves after a truely awesome movie, but undoubtedly they suck.  Sorry, it’s beyond the call of duty for me to listen to the band at this moment in time.
The music was kinda pretty and was written by Michael Andrews who as well as doing the music for Freaks and Geeks (I’ve got to work on posts that don’t mention F&G), Bridesmaids and a load of other films that we all like and he did the music for that Gary Jules version of “Mad World” in Donnie Darko.
Donnie Darko, now that was a sweet film, all the music sounded amazing in it, though I have to say I probably never need to hear that version of “Mad World” again.  The main reason being that about 7 years ago I went to the Emmaboda Festival in Sweden, which is a fun festival full of lots of beautiful and slightly insane drunk Swedish kids.  They found us English people very amusing and enjoyed talking to us in cockney accents, I spent a lot time being confused as to whether they were taking the piss or not.  At the festival there was a tent that someone had spray painted “Mad World” in big letters on it, and morning, noon and you could hear Gary Jules’ “Mad World” being played from the tent on repeat.  I must have heard that song a gazilion times that weekend. I’m so glad I wasn’t camped near them, I think I would have gone crazy.  This was quite a few years after Donnie Darko came out so I’m still a bit confused as to why they wanted to have a “Mad World” tent, or why they would want to ever listen to that song again, crazy Swedes!
Real Tears For Fears is better than covers, this was my favourite musical moment in Donnie Darko…
(Can you spot Seth Rogen?)
Anyway, go check out Jeff, Who Lives At Home if you get a chance, Jason Segel and Ed Helms are both pretty awesome in it, and for optimal enjoyment don’t forget the wasabi nuts!

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