geeky dancing

Ha, was just reading back through an old post about Yo Gabba Gabba and I hadn’t been able to find the video of the Geeks from Freaks and Geeks dancing on the show.  Well we stumbled across it recently whilst doing research for the Freaks and Geeks zine that me and my girl Kate are writing.
Check it out…

What do you think?  Personally I think it is terrifying!

“Go Crazy!”

Hopefully the Freaks and Geeks zine will be finished soon, it should be epic, I feel like I know every fact about Freaks and Geeks now! We even spotted the Omri Katz cameo, though I do think that only me and Kate are the only people who get excited about stuff like that.   I also got overly excited this week when I found out that Harris from Freaks and Geeks now writes RPG computer game reviews for Vice Magazine. Yep sad TV nerd me.

If you want to know more about Freaks and Geeks check out these extensive interviews with Mr “Freaks and Geeks creator and snappy dresser” Paul Feig.


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