I don’t want to fall in love

Well we’ve been busy, OMG we actually finished the Freaks and Geeks zine, I know, check us!

Check out our lil tumblr for it which has lots of Freaks and Geeks videos and photos I have posted for my own amusement and you can buy a copy of the zine straight from us here.

I’ve also been watching an insane amount of Buffy, now on season seven which is whoa! I loved the Aimee Mann cameo “I hate playing vampire towns”, and did you know that Warren from Buffy is in Common Rotation, the band part responsible for the Martin Starr/Hall and Oates rap that we’ve talked about before. People off the telly, they all know each other!

I’m so pleased that Weeds is back, I missed Andy so much! Everyone else got excited about the return of Breaking Bad, I got excited about Weeds. Weeds is my preferred “parents gets into drug dealing” program, and it was around first. With the cancer thing, Breaking Bad is like a cross between Weeds and Season 2 of “Party of Five”, tho thankfully without Jennifer Love Hewitt.  I do actually like Breaking Bad, just I’m a season behind everyone else, I’m still angry at Walt for letting Jayne (Krysten Ritter) die like that, and I still have to point out “Weeds was first!”.

And I loved Burning Love, especially the unexpected cameo in episode 2. I don’t want to spoil it for you. It’s so good. Just watch it if you haven’t.

So a while back I did a thing about actors being in pop videos, now I though I’d look into people we know more as actors that have done music…

Volcano, I’m Still excited!! Band names, with punctuation in them, yes it’s kind of annoying! (hey man it’s two explanation marks)
Yes it’s Mark (what an unfortunate photo to have plastered all over the tube these past few months) Duplass of those Duplass brothers fame, and bless brother Jay made this video, they’ve just been working with each other for ever. From this quick listen, I like 2nd Gun, reminds me of Wolf Parade, I guess I’m glad that they decided to mainly stick to movies tho, like Jeff… that I reviewed the other month.

I did watch “The Puffy Chair” the other week and it has the most indie-est sound track ever (yep, Death Cab, of Montreal, you got it!), it was kinda a sweet movie, yet again involving a brotherly relationship, aw bless them Duplass brothers and their brotherly love!

Listen to the LP on Spotify… Volcano, I’m Still Excited – Volcano, I’m Still Excited

Did anyone else find this story about Jason Batemen pretending to be tweeting from the “Arrested Development” set hilarious this week?  It was almost as odd as finding out in January that co-star Alia Shawkat covered bloody Chris Isaak with some dude that used to be in Chairlift that hangs out with the Knowles sisters wasn’t it? Turns out Alia has been busy playing jazz shows in New York, singing Bob Dylan, hanging with Landon Pigg, being in a Best Coast video with Troy from Community and also playing a hand in this video…

Yep words fail me, but guys…. at least it’s not Glee.

Anyway, I’m gonna get going, but let me know if there’s other actors that make music I should check out, and before you say anything I’m not going anywhere near Juliette Lewis!

PS USA, if you have any sense, watch the new season premiers of Children’s Hospital and NTSF:SD:SUV tonight.

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