2012 telly

So yeah, it’s kinda hard to pin down the best tv of 2012, but I guess it’s worth a try.

2012 was a year for me where I rewatched a load of older TV…

  • Freaks and Geeks / mainly for the Freaks and Geeks zine we wrote
  • Buffy and Angel / yep I cried like a baby at the end of Buffy, but totally worth it
  • My So Called Life /genius in parts, not consistent on the whole, I still don’t get why she likes that loser Jordan, and yeah creator Winnie Holtzman is also responsible for that hideous musical Wicked, this fact upsets me somewhat.

I also got up to date with Community (love it) and Game of Thrones (AKA – hot northern men at war with each other and girls that forgot to put any clothes on). I also attempted to get up to date with Breaking Bad, I need to stick with it, I think I couldn’t watch it after he killed Kristen Ritter as one girl’s lame protest against evil Walt.

2012 for me will be the year that Gossip Girl bit the dust.  That last series being so ridiculous that I’m sure at the end no one really cared it was over.  The last episode was pretty awesome though, and I will miss puppy dog eyed, older English woman appreciating Nate Archibald.  We will remember fondly the awesome indie rock cameos, Sonic Youth, Lisa Loeb, Robyn and St Vincent and of course Rufus’ love of The Magnetic Fields! Gossip Girl we will miss you!

2012 will also be the year that the short web/TV series reigns supreme, we had the second series of NTSF:SD:SUV, Adult Swim’s CSI spoof program created by Paul Scheer (watch some episodes here), the genius of Burning Love, Neil Patrick Harris’s Puppet Dreams

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