Harry Potter Art – The Printorium

It took me a few years of being “I’m not reading a book for children” before I sat down and read all four of the Harry Potter books one summer and quickly became a minor HP obsessive.  I bought the last three books the day/night they came out (and suffered serious insomnia in the week it took me to read the last book, it was too exciting!), watched all the movies the week they came out and resigned myself to the fact that I am a big kid!

I went to the studios last year and pathetically it was probably the highlight of my year! One thing that definitely stood out when walking round the studios was that the design of the movies really made them come alive, and they were all so pretty in a 50s’/60’s/Victorian kinda way. I spent a good 20 minutes just gawping at all the Weasley magic shop sweeties on display in the studios, the attention to detail was astonishing.  

The majority of the graphic design for the Harry Potter movies was done by The Printorium (aka graphic designers Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima), this is everything from The Daily Prophet, all the school books, the 100+ products for the Weasley magic shop and more.  And lucky for us, you can now buy art prints of the work they made for the films, I think they make the perfect Christmas for the Harry Potter obsessive in your life. I stumbled upon their stall at designjunction earlier this year and spent most of my time at the fair ogling their designs but couldn’t decide what I wanted to buy!

Read here for fascinating information about The Printorium and the project and see below for a few of my favourite designs available to purchase from their website.







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