Top ten films of 2015


What’s the best thing to do when you’re hungover on January 1? Write your top ten films of the year before of course! So here we go 10 to 1, Top of the Pops style.

10. Manson Family Vacation
Most normal people have their Manson Family obsessed period when they’re a teenager, I had mine in my mid 30’s. I blame this movie.

9. Mad Max: Fury Road
Tom Hardy surrounded by bad ass women

8. The Final Girls
Taissa Farmiga doing what she does best, being bad ass and crying.

7. The Lobster
A gutsy surprising comedy, but you all know that cause you saw it right?

6. Ex Machina
Bad ass fembot

5. Love & Mercy
OMG Elizabeth Banks!

4. Addicted to Fresno
Tho reading the reviews, I think I was the only person who didn’t pan this movie.

3. The Diary of a Teenage Girl
Just stunning

2. The End of the Tour
Segal is so good in this movie

1. Magic Mike XXL
Aswell as being amazing, this film did the impossible and made Andie MacDowell vaguely likeable.

Additional other notable mentions
Steve Jobs
Night Owls
Straight Outta Compton
The Look of Silence
Uncle Kent 2
6 Years


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